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Synovation provides a multi-disciplinary approach to pain management. This means our diverse team of specialists work closely together, creating the right treatment path to help you to get control over your pain.

Our specialists come from a wide variety of disciplines, including Physical and Musculoskeletal Medicine, Alternative and Complementary Medicine, and Behavioral Medicine. We integrate these approaches with supporting therapies to find the right individual approach for each patient.

Multidisciplinary Programs

People have thousands of dreams when they are pain-free; but when they have pain, they only have one. Synovation’s programs are built to get you back to the life you dream about.

Synovation’s programs are the cornerstone of our approach to pain management. We believe that a consistent, integrated program instills confidence, provides comfort, and reinforces positive behaviors that put our patients back in control of their lives while reducing their pain and their reliance on medications.

Synovation accepts referrals into our programs from physicians, psychologists, dentists, health institutions, agencies and insurance carriers. Patients, ask your providers if a program is right for you! Early entry into a program is the best approach; don’t let your pain get the best of you. Providers, please contact us at 1-800-80-REHAB Ext. 308 to make a referral.

Individual Services

Learn more about the individual services that may be part of a multidisciplinary program or used in combination with other treatments for each patient’s individual needs.