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Pain is personal

Everyone experiences pain differently

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Dianne’s back pain meant
missing volunteering time.

Meet more of our
Patients below

Leaders in Pain Management


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Synovation Grant:

Synovation was awarded a three year grant by the state of California to work on improving care to chronic pain patients using our multidisciplinary approach.  We will be partnering with Community Health Group in San Diego County and will be collecting both clinical and utilization outcomes data.



Multidisciplinary Care for Individual Needs

Synovation leverages a multidisciplinary approach, using various types of therapies and techniques to address your pain. Our providers collaborate to determine the best treatment for you, and our programs focus on gaining control back in your life.

Meet some of our patients, and learn how they’ve changed their lives.

  • Terry

    Shoulder and lower back, resulting from a fall.

    Return to active lifestyle with his wife.

    4 Weeks plus follow-up maintenance

    Functional Restoration Program (FRP)

    • Exercise
    • Body Mechanics
    • Nutrition
    “The FRP included PT, exercise, great group camaraderie, and health education about fitness and nutrition. I’m at my high school weight, and in perhaps the best health I’ve ever been in!”
  • Dianne

    Back and hip, resulting from slipped discs.

    Continue her work in education.

    4 Weeks plus follow-up maintenance

    Functional Restoration Program (FRP)

    • Mindfulness
    • Mind-Body Connection
    • Will Power
    “The meditation and program elements help you find control, so other factors don’t stress you and you think about YOU. That wasn’t what I was doing with my life. Now I do!”
  • Ken

    Nerve damage resulting from surgeries.

    Get back to work.

    4 Weeks

    Spinal Cord Stimulation (DRG Stimulator)

    Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP)

    “I felt like a zombie for 7 years! Now my mental clarity is back to normal. Synovation took my entire health history into account, and I feel so much better now than I have in a long time. ”

Take an active role in managing your pain