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He received his Ph.D. degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University located in New York City. Prior to earning his doctorate in psychology, he received Master of Arts degree from the University of Colorado in clinical psychology and masters of arts degree from The New School for Social Research.

Early in Dr. Gottlieb’s career he received extensive training in child development and worked with Jean Piaget’s close assistant, Dr. Gilbert Voyat. Afterwards, Dr. Gottlieb was asked to come to California State University, Los Angeles to develop and teach a variety of courses and seminars incorporating the theory and practices of Jean Piaget. At California State University, Los Angeles Dr. Gottlieb obtained tenure and full professor status.

Dr. Gottlieb eventually began to incorporate psychological concepts, ideas and theories to a problem confronting the medical professions efforts to rehabilitate the refractory chronic pain patient. As a result, he incorporated his understanding of the role of psychological factors play in this disorder and developed one of the earliest multidisciplinary treatment models in the U. S.